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Lord of the Dance: 25 Years of Standing Ovations

All day event

Since its premiere, 25 years ago Michael Flatley's Lord Of the Dance has become the most successful touring production in entertainment history. Visiting over 1,000 venues worldwide and having been seen by over 60 million people, in 60 different countries and on every continent, making it one of the most popular dance productions in the world.

Dazzling audiences around the globe with its unique combination of high-energy Irish dancing, original music, storytelling and sensuality. The beloved Irish dance show transcends culture and language, soaring into the soul on astounding aerial moves, unparalleled precision dancing and state-of-the art theatrical effects.

Much of the secret to its phenomenal success is that it speaks to all, crossing boundaries of age, gender and cultural diversity.

Mon 11th -
Wed 13th
The 53 Stations of the Tokaido Road Exhibition

All day event

By Utagwa Hiroshige.

The Tokaido Road (meaning Eastern Sea Route) linked Imperial Kyoto in the east of Japan with Edo (Tokyo) in the west. Following the Pacific coastline, it provided a functional yet inspiring experience for those who travelled along it.

Utagawa Hiroshige first travelled the Tokaido Road in 1832, when he was part of an official procession transporting horses to the imperial court. During the journey, he sketched local people and travellers in a variety of landscapes and seasons, upon his return to Edo he created the collection of prints known as The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido Road. The post stations featured in the series were created by the Japanese government in the 17th Century as resting places for travellers along the 500km route, which,

Sat 23rd -
Sun 18th